The Oxford Collection of British Farthings

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The Oxford Collection of Farthings is one of the finest collections of its type ever assembled, having been amassed by an avid private collector over the past 25 years.

It concentrates primarily on currency issues with most dates featuring all the well known varieties. Proofs and patterns complete date runs where currency issues are unavailable.

The collection covers the entire milled period from Cromwell to the present date, many with significant pedigree.

The coins are all exceptionally high quality and feature the most rare and unique farthings available to commerce including the 1877 proof, 1860 copper, two Pingo 1788’s and nine different Anne farthings including the only 1693 Corbet issue farthing available to commerce and the Cromwell 1658 portrait farthing. This is a fantastic opportunity to add some major rarities to your own collection.

Each coin and its accompanying description has a corresponding full colour picture available for viewing online and in the printed catalogue, which is available on request..