Hammered Gold

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Picture DESCRIPTION Price  
Click here to view picture 1653 Commonwealth Unite. mm Sun. S3208, N2715. About EF with brilliance £9,750.00
Click here to view picture 1656 Cromwell Pattern Gold Broad of 20/-. S.3225; N.2744; W&R.39. GEF with mint brilliance, some minor surface marks but a very pleasing example overall.
(High grade examples have been known to fetch between £50,000 - £70,000 in recent US auctions).
(Spink 2017 Cat Price EF £37,500)
Click here to view picture James I (1619-20). Rose Ryal (30/-). 3rd Coinage. King enthroned. mm Spur Rowel. S2632. N2108. About EF for issue, a pleasing and problem free example. £19,950.00
Click here to view picture Henry VI Noble. S1799. Mm Lis. Choice GEF As Struck. Portrait superb, light crease on reverse. Well Struck. £5,250.00
Click here to view picture Henry VIII Angel S2299 mm Lis. About EF for issue, As Struck in parts. £3,650.00

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