William IIII (26.6.1830-20.6.1837)

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Farthings were current from 13th April 1831. A popular series for collectors as there are only five different dates to collect.

PictureDate DESCRIPTION Price  
1837 Fine £4.00
1836 Fine, rare £9.00

Note on 1835 and 1834:

For 1835 and 1834 there are two reverses:

Reverse A: Centre lines on St Andrew's cross on the shield, are incuse.

Reverse B: Centre lines are raised.

1835 A and 1834 B are the rarer ones.

PictureDate DESCRIPTION Price  
1835 Reverse B (Normal). Fine £2.50
Click here to view picture 1834 Reverse B (Rare). BU Almost Full Lustre/Unc good lustre. Extremely rare in this grade.
(The best specimen in stock since List 39 over 4 years ago)

Note on 1831:

All 1831 ¼ds, including proofs, have a small gap in the bottom of the 3 of the date.

PictureDate DESCRIPTION Price  
Click here to view picture 1831 Bronzed Proof. Reverse Upright. BMC 1467. FDC, extremely rare. (Peck recorded only two specimens outside the British Museum.) Sold

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