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British Numismatic Journal. 1923-24. (Volume 17). 452pp plus additional plates. Key articles include:

The Northampton and Southampton Mints.

The Sequence of Mint-marks around Henry VI by Raymond Carlyon-Britton.

Royal Charities by Helen Farquhar.

The Attribution of the BR monogram on Charles I's Coins by Lt Col W. H. Morrieson.

South Notts Yeomanry Medals.
British Numismatic Journal. 1991. (Volume 61). 178pp plus 21 plates. Key articles include:

The Early Irish Pence of Edward I Reclassified.

The Metrology of the English Civil War Coinages of Charles I.

The Groat Coinage of James V, 1526-38.

Dating Stephen's First Type.
British Numismatic Journal. 1995. (Volume 65). 273pp plus 28 plates. Key articles include:

Documentary Evidence of Anglo-German Currency Movement in the Middle Ages.

Earduulf: a significant addition to the coinage of Northumbria.

Cologne and English Sterling.

Some Imitations and Forgeries of English and Irish Long Cross Pence of Henry III.

Simons Mill Gold Coins and Medals of Charles II, 1660-62.

Additions and Corrections to Thompson's Inventory and Brown and Dolley's Coin Hoards Pt. II
Brooke, G. C. English Coins from the Seventh Century to the Present Day. London, Second Edition, 1942. pp xii, 277, 64 fine plates. Original, red cloth boards, gilt. A little faded with time, minor bruising at extremities, a very fine copy. £14.00
Duggleby, Vincent. English Paper Money. Spink, London. 5th edition, 1994. pp x, 192, lavishly illustrated in the text, with values. Limp red covers. A few annotations, almost as new £9.00
Gray, John C.F. Tranquebar, A guide to the Coins of Danish India circa 1620 to 1845. Massachussetts, 1974. Illustrations in the text. and in 12 plates. Publisher's blue cloth. pp 83. Practically as new. £6.00
Henfrey, H. W. A Guide to the Study of English Coins from the Conquest to the Present Time, (the new and revised edition by C. F. Keary, 1885) pp xxiii, 325. Red cloth boards, gilt. Engraved illustrations in the text. Spine a little faded and lightly stressed, otherwise a fine copy of this now very scarce book. Previous owner purchased from Dix Noonan Webb auction 25th June 2003, lot 1692 (part). An earlier owner's name is written onto the title page, G. E. Wollen, 7/12/93 (1893 or 1993 ??) of Magdalen College, Cambridge. £40.00
Jorgensen, Holger. Old Coins of China and their values, arranged chronologically on 20 plates. Buffalo, New York, 1976. Octavo. pp 28, including plates. Each coin on each plate is identified. Limp covers. £2.00
Kenyon, R. L. The Gold Coins of England. London, 1884. Octavo, pp 217, frontispiece, 23 engraved plates. Faded red cloth boards, gilt. A few pages loose, a number of pages with frayed edges or with slight tears or damage but a complete copy with a few handwritten annotations £30.00
Nelson, Philip. The Coinage of William Wood 1722 - 1733. 1959 Reprint (Spink, London) of the original 1903 publication (New York). Limp, blue paper covers, 44 pages, 3 plates.. £3.50
Sylloge of Coins of the British Isles. Number 43, The Norweb Collection of Tokens of the British Isles, 1575 - 1750, Part III, Hampshire to Lincolnshire, by R. H. Thompson and M. J. Dickinson. As new. £21.00