The Colin Cooke Collection of Farthings

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The Crocker Collection The Douglas Collection

The Crocker Collection of Pennies

Tony Crocker started collecting coins approximately five years ago. By day he is a Probate consultant, and a visit to the house of an executor resulted in him being handed a tin of coins that was full of thrupenny bits, tanners and florins.

Being of the decimalised era Tony had no idea that what a florin was at the time.

The executors had a valuation of £30 put on the whole tin so Tony bought them and started to collect every cheap old coin he could find on eBay. He ended up with lots of coins from lots of different eras during his hunt on eBay, and one day Tony saw a coin sell which was in superb condition and was being sold by a well known dealer in Devon. He ended up talking to this dealer in some detail and who then offered Tony an 1897 DOT Penny which was in BU condition for £700. The dealer assured him this price was a bargain but to Tony that seemed a massive jump from what he was used to paying. The dealer finally convinced Tony that he should concentrate solely on collecting pennies. Tony agreed and eventually bought the 1897 DOT Penny from him.

From that moment on, Tony was hooked. Tony went on to buy pretty much every Victorian penny he could get his hands on and his collection expanded from there.... The more Tony collected, the more he became fascinated by all the Freeman and Satin Numbers and tried his best to acquire as many of these rare varieties as possible, succeeding in most areas.

Consequently, Tony’s collection is certainly one of the most comprehensive of its type ever offered for sale.

The Douglas Collection of Farthings

Although the Douglas collection is made up of only 25 coins collected over the last 25 years, this small collection features some of the rarest and also some of the highest quality farthings ever to be offered for sale.