The Colin Cooke Collection of Farthings

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Carefully selected over a period of more that 40 years, each Farthing in this collection now bears the Colin Cooke pedigree. Farthings were Colin's passion and he will be sorely missed as the foremost expert in this field.

Each coin and its accompanying description has a corresponding full colour picture available for viewing online and in the printed catalogue, which is available on request (will be sent automatically in due course to those on our mailing list).

Colin was a respected schoolteacher at Marple Hall Grammar School from the 1960s to the mid 1980s, and from the earliest period, much of his leisure time was spent hunting for missing dates, varieties and the highest quality examples of farthings to add to his ever growing personal collection.

In the 1970s many good specimens were acquired from A. H. Baldwin who assisted Colin in his "hunt".

Star coins from some remarkable collections: Dr. Johnstone, C. W. Peck, Mrs Norweb, Roger Shuttlewood, King Farouk, Selig and Montagu were duly purchased and are offered here. Coin shows, coin auctions, dealers' lists and collectors' offerings were scrutinised by Colin in his relentless search for new acquisitions.

The collection presented here represents the results of his endeavours. The following pages list over 1600 of some of the most choice, rare and exciting British farthings grouped together in an unsurpassed collection.