The Alderly Collection of Pennies & Elizabeth 1st Pledge Coinage

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Carefully selected over a period of more that 20 years, each coin in this collection now bears the Alderly Collection pedigree.

The Alderly collection is one of the most complete and impressive collection of Pennies and also the extremely rare Elizabeth 1st pledge coinage.

The pennies range from 1797 up to present date with many of the extremely rare bronze and copper proofs. All the dates are covered and many of them are the finest known examples. The highlights of the pennies include an 1827 BU Full Lustre, lightly toning Penny (slabbed as MS65 red) and the 1933 1d Pattern by Andre Levrillier.

 The Elzabeth I pledge coinage includes 2 Pledge halfpennies (of which only four are available to private commerce), two of the silver pledge pennies, one pledge penny in copper (it is the actual coin pictured on the dust jacket of Pecks book) and finally a pattern groat in copper (one of only two known).

Each coin and its accompanying description has a corresponding full colour picture available for viewing online and in the printed catalogue, which is available on request (will be sent automatically in due course to those on our mailing list).