James 1st (24.3.1602/3 - 27.3.1625)

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The Royal Farthing Tokens of James 1st A Proclamation dated 19th May 1613 granted a patent to John, Lord Harington of Exton to issue copper farthing tokens in England and Ireland. Lord Harington died 9 months later and the patent passed to his son, who also died a few months after that. The patent passed to Lady Anne Harington and subsequently to the Duke of Lennox. The "Harington" and "Lennox" farthings are distinguished by size and design differences and by varying "privy marks". The key to the chronological sequence of these issues is still unknown and within each sub-group, the classification is, for the most part, alphabetical. BMC reference numbers are for C. W. Peck's monumental work "English Copper, Tin and Bronze Coins in the British Museum 1558 - 1958.

Haringtons (19.5.1613 - 28.6.1614).

All Haringtons are very rare, many extremely rare, especially the small size issue. 3 main types :1a. Small flan, sometimes tinned. Privy mark (= "pm") on or below the cushion of the crown. BMC 28 - 38.1b. Small flan, seldom tinned, central jewel on the circlet of the crown is sometimes a pm. There is no pm on or below the cushion. BMC 39 - 45.2. Large flans. BMC 46 - 54.

Click here to view picture BMC 40 Type 1b. pm Trefoil. Die 1. D*G.. 8 strings. Near VF, some pinholes. Rare £35.00

Lennox Farthings (1614 - 1625). 5 types:

3a. Legend starts at top centre, pm on reverse only. BMC 55 only.

3b. Legend starts at 1 pm. Same pm on both sides. BMC 56 - 59.

3c. Obverse pm only. 5 jewels in crown on both sides. BMC 60 - 97.

3d. Obverse pm only. 9 jewels in crown on both sides. BMC 98 - 111.4.

4. Lennox Ovals. Legend starts at 7 pm. BMC 112 - 114.

Click here to view picture BMC 58 Type 3b. pm Fusil. 6 strings. GF, some green patina. Rare £20.00
Click here to view picture BMC 61 Type 3c. pm Annulet. BRIT. 6 strings. Reverse Upright. 5 Jewels both sides. Fine £20.00
Click here to view picture BMC 79 Type 3c. pm Key. BRI. 6 strings. Near VF £25.00
Click here to view picture BMC 101 Type 3d. pm Dagger. 9 jewels. 7 strings. Near VF, little ragged. £30.00

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