The Commonwealth & Protectorate

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Click here to view picture (1654) Protectorate Farthing in Pewter. BMC 373. Circulated for only a fortnight in April 1654 before being officially withdrawn. Shield bearing cross moline, wreath of roses, TK above. Shield with Irish harp with sun in centre, rays extending. Plain edge. OUNCE OF FINE PEWTR FOR NECESSARY CHANGE. Several surface blisters as invariably occurs but the unblistered parts are approaching EF with considerable original mint bloom. Well-centred on a full flan and amongst the finest specimens extant. Extremely Rare so choice. Sold
Click here to view picture (1658) Oliver Cromwell Pattern Farthing in Copper. BMC 390. The ultimate dream of any Farthing collector is to see a Cromwell portrait farthing. Now you can not only see one but actually own one, so long as you take out a second mortgage on your house ! Laureate and draped bust of Cromwell facing left within a roped circle with legend OLIVAR PRO ENG SC IRL. Reverse with crowned quartered shield of the Protectorate with Cromwell's escutcheon of pretence centrally surmounted, all within a roped circle, the legend CHARITIE AND CHANGE around. Plain edge. Very few specimens are known and they rarely ever appear on the market. This one has been off the market for the last 33 years and recently re-surfaced. Very Fine or better, excessively rare, (the usual condition for Cromwell portrait farthings is NVF).
Ex Dr E. A Johnstone (1973)

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